“I was a part of 2/2 and 1/8 Weapons Company mobile assault platoons. I struggled with PTSD since 2007, and got out of the Marine Corps in 2010. When I got home I started having issues with transitioning as well. So, I did a stent of meds to try and fix what was becoming my downward spiral of depression and pent up anger. It only made my symptoms worst. I began to give in to the stigma of how others looked at veterans and PTSD. I didn’t even realize that how isolated I’ve become. The only thing that kept me tied to this world was my son and the thought, that if I take my own life I would be giving the green light to my brothers and sisters in arms that suicide is an option. I was so overwhelmed, I had to make a change.

I tried to get out more and came across a program with the Vet center that sent me to Hot Glass and I met Kevin Flack. He introduced me to Downrange Excursions. I signed up with lift for the 22 and stared working out, at QC Strong man. Building myself for going out for kayaking and hiking excursions, I was also creating a comradery with in this new community of veterans that I was lacking in my life. It’s phenomenal the progression I’ve made within 2 months of working with them from the years of me letting my symptoms go and antagonizing them. Finally, I’ve found an objective that challenges me in a positive way. I now want to make this my mission to reach out to those that are transitioning to the civilian world and those trapped in what could be an endless pit, that is PTSD. This is a healthy alliterative to medication guys! my thought process is clearer, have more energy, I even feel more spiritually connected. Not only has Downrange Excursions may have saved my life it has increased my quality of life! Guys, let’s not become statistics. I challenge you to get active and get health, Downrange!”

– D.R.E. Transportation specialist, Tim M. Lue